Road surfacing products…

Asphalt Paving Services Ltd offer a range of road surfacing product solutions to clients located across the UK. From new road construction to specialist surface treatments, we aim to deliver a cost effective and durable product that will last for a long time.

Using years of experience as well as professional training in the industry, our team are able to provide products to not only local authorities, but to commercial, industrial and domestic customers.

Our Main Products

Asphalt Surfacing

Also referred to as tarmacadam, it can be machine laid or hand laid depending on the surface area to be covered.

Slurry & Road Seal

This is a bitumen based material which is applied over existing surfaces. It is a versatile material which comprises of a finely graded aggregate, bitumen emulsion, chemical additive and filler, mixed together and applied in a continuous process.


As a heavy duty surfacing solution, microsurfacing is a mixture of course graded aggregate and emulsion. This process is similar to Road Seal, but includes a polymer modified bitumen emulsion.

Surface Dressing

This is applied to existing surfaces that need sealing and restoration of texture. A fast setting bitumen emulsion is sprayed onto the road surface followed by an application of premium quality aggregate.

Hot & Cold Bitumen Spraying

There are several coatings available for hot and cold bitumen spraying, including:

  • Hot Bond Coating
  • Hot Tack Coating
  • Asphalt Bond Coating
  • Hot Sprayed Bitumen

More Information

Bond or Tack Coat are hot or cold bitumen emulsion or polymer modified emulsion that is applied to the surface of intermediate layers of new road construction or to the surface of an existing road prior to resurfacing. This acts as an adhesive bonding agent. As a result, this increases the bond between layers, reducing the chance of them slipping and allows any stress that is applied to be evenly distributed.

These applications are commonly used in patching areas that need priming and waterproofing. Bond or Tack Coats are applied by specialist sprayers. These sprayers ensure that the coating is evenly applied.

Microsurfaced Farm Road – East Lothian, Scotland

Tarmac Caravan Park Road – Keswick, Cumbria

New Footpaths – Premier League Training Ground