Micro Asphalt Surfacing…

Micro asphalt surfacing is a dependable and cost effective surfacing system which is used to prevent or cure potholes, surface cracking and weathering. It is ideal for resurfacing aged or recent tarmac, asphalt and concrete roads, car parks, runways and taxiways. With this approach, you can protect your road or runway surface from the effects of ageing.

We have successfully applied micro surfacing (slurry seal) to many UK airfields over the past 20 years including, Tatenhill Airfield, West Wales Airport, Old Buckenham Airfield, SkyDive North West, Black Knight Parachute Centre, 2 x Military Airfields and Wombleton Airfield, contact details available on request.

At Asphalt Paving Services Ltd we use micro asphalt surfacing to dramatically extend the life of your surfaced hand standings, roads, runways, or taxiways.

Why Use This Surfacing?

Applying this extraordinary product will cure or prevent surface distress, oxidisation and loss of bitumen binder. In addition, micro surfacing provides a textured, hard wearing and tightly bound surface course proven for decades of use worldwide on roads, airfield runways and taxiways.

In the past, older concrete or tarmac runways have been thought to be beyond repair and possibly even redundant. However using micro asphalt surfacing it is easy for surfaces to be restored to a high standard, lasting for many years of future use at very reasonable cost.

Quick & Efficient

Micro asphalt surfacing from Asphalt Paving Surfaces Ltd is applied quickly and efficiently minimising disruption. It reduces or eliminates pre-patching and will correct surface failures and any unsightly patching, considerably improving ride quality.

It also provides the best value compared to other ultra-thin or sprayed on surface treatments which are often unacceptable or inadequate. Alongside this, it is durable, long lasting, visually appealing and makes it easy for runway markings to be highlighted.

New Footpath Microsurfacing – Settle, Yorkshire

New Footpath Microsurfacing – Whalley, Lancashire

Caravan Park, Tarmac Road – Ambleside

About The Process

A specialist truck mounted machine mixes and lays a specific blend of quality, high PSV aggregate together with bitumen binder and other additives.

It is applied cold meaning there is a direct and substantial reduction of CO2 emissions in comparison with the production and laying of hot mix asphalt. Alongside this, open cracks and joints can be pre-filled with a high quality, flexible polymerised bitumen compound.

More Information

Hot sprayed bond coats are being increasingly specified for application between courses in road construction.

This both seals and bonds together each course of asphalt and prevents the ingress of water, thus enhancing the durability of the pavement.

The End Result

The end result is a new black, durable and attractive surface, with a life expectancy of around 15 years. Afterwards we can provide a warm sprayed application of bitumen emulsion based black road surface sealer at low cost.

This will further preserve, protect and extend the life of your surfaces and reduce whole life costs in maintenance.

Microsurfaced Farm Road – East Lothian, Scotland

Tarmac Caravan Park Road – Keswick, Cumbria

New Footpaths – Premier League Training Ground